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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The function of the Master Gardener is to assist the public in environmental improvement activities, horticultural therapy projects, and community/school gardening programs.

In a nutshell, Master Gardeners are a FREE resource to the community in respect to horticultural management. Turf, trees, insect and biological diseases, as well as ornamental and native plants are the area of expertise for an MG. Most states have MG programs, and this link will take you to a map to help locate your closest horticultural resource.

While a portion of the information presented here will be fine tuned for gardeners of North Texas, the principles of Good Gardening and insect/pest management are universal. We are the stewards to the land in our possesion, and we all have a responsibility for its proper care and management.

What will set this particular resource apart from others will be the steadfast commitment to free information to the public, as well as unyeilding adherence to scientific data to support statements. It's imperitive to me to give factual information, and is my responsibility as an MG.

As of now, this blog will be updated once a week, and questions from the public will be answered to the best of my abilities - time constraints may make it difficult to respond immediately, but all will be answered, or redirected to other sources of information.


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